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2020 is giving our world a chance to take a deep breath.  We are returning to more US and less me. 

The Family Grove started with the intention to link arms and provide resources.  We share a common purpose, building a strong and healthy community. Join our mission to cultivate a space where all are welcome. 

There is room for everyone in The Family Grove.



a supportive village



Welcome families. I am so excited for this platform to be able to connect and assist in helping families live their best lives together. Being a mom and teacher are some of the most important roles in my life and I love them fiercely. Learning the principles of Positive Parenting has changed how I view all relationships in my life and I would love to share this philosophy with more parents to help cope with the many parenting challenges we face today.I want to take families on my journey raising two young girls to be kind, independent thinkers, who love to learn, while providing families with tools and activities to guide them on their own parenting voyage.I am here to supply you with new opportunities to connect, nurture, and empower your children in exciting new ways.


YAY you are here! 

 The Family Grove was planted because of the need to connect all of “our people” that have shown up for our family throughout the years.  I am married to my best friend, and we have two adult sons. Both of our boys had atypical behaviors and special abilities.  As an Early Childhood Educator I loved researching the very best information for my family but raising a family in south Florida twenty seven years ago was tricky because there were very few resources for our family’s needs. I was constantly researching and attending conferences to network with other like minded parents, educators and cutting edge physicians that could support the wellness of our family.  It was not an easy journey but I found a few people that led me to keep hoping and keep looking!  In the last twenty years I have met some of the most brilliant and enthusiastic people in my community. Hope you will follow us here where we will continuously promote and foster a cooperative environment. We want to make everyone feel welcome in our presence, and yet retain our strengths and individuality. At the Family Grove we will use our talents as communicators to support others and use our social skills to bring people closer together. 


Harmony Brown, first and foremost, is a wife and mom to a 10 year old daughter. 
As the owner of  Reclaim Wellness, she has created a relaxed and nurturing space for patients to slow down, re-center and rediscover their optimal health. Living in a fast paced world with so many distractions, we all need a place that we can retreat to, rebalance and get back in touch with our body and our inner peace.  She has dedicated her life to educating, empowering and inspiring her patients to take control of their health and ultimately their lives. She could not be more excited to be a part of such a diverse community of professionals, looking to help and support families. She knows every parent is trying to do the best they can with the information they have. She is ready to share her knowledge with this community because ultimately when we know more, we can do better. She is deeply passionate about helping all of you in the Family Grove family,  to successfully grow and thrive.


Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher, Transformational Life Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Author. Bill is the Founder/Director of Meditate: School of Mindfulness I am truly blessed and excited to be a part of a growing community of mindfulness, love and compassion. In the years that I’ve been working with clients, students and families I have found a deep passion for how the practice of mindfulness is truly transformational for individuals, for couples, for families and for the community. I feel my purpose is to share the miracle of mindfulness in every way possible. I am so excited for this opportunity to share through this platform and connect as many people as possible to the practice.


Casey has been working to help elevate women in business for the past 6 years. With a professional background in psychology of advertising and women’s studies, she's passionate about bringing the visions of female entrepreneurs to life.
She grew up in Boca Raton, FL but now lives in Santa Barbara, CA with her husband and 3-year-old son.


My name is Lisa Reising! 
I’m a health and wellness advocate, kids yoga teacher and mindfulness specialist. My passion is helping women and children feel healthy and peaceful.  My wellness journey began 20 years ago while struggling with hashimotos, infertility, chronic migraines and anxiety. I discovered that yoga, meditation, eating clean and using clean products made a world of difference and really improved my quality of life! I am a mom of two beautiful children, ages eleven and nine.  My son is on the autism spectrum and I also specialize in helping people navigate the ups & downs of  having a child with special needs. My degree is in special education.



Jessica is a Channeling Reiki Master, Certified Meditation Teacher with Davidji, Spiritual Coach, and Crystal and Sound Healer. In 2015 her sister, Juliette, was diagnosed with breast cancer, which lead Jess to find ways to help support Juliette for her journey. Jessica started using meditation as a way to calm her own emotions and be able to support her family. She was then lead to study Reiki and became a certified Reiki Master in 2017. Jessica used Reiki to help provide healing for her sister and found a love for healing others. In 2018, Jessica wanted to continue her spiritual journey and decided to study under Davidji to become a certified meditation teacher. Jessica has always had love for the healing power of crystals, and in 2018 decided to also become a Jessica is certified Crystal Healer. Jessica has held numerous workshops, reiki circles, sound healing and trainings to help inspire the spiritual growth and healing . In 2020, Jess decided to open her own space called ‘The Reiki Room” at the Dancing Lion Yoga Studio to allow for more intimate and private one on one Reiki sessions. The Reiki Room also allows Jess to carry healing crystals besides on her online Etsy shop for purchase, so clients can take their healing energy home with them. Jess believes that when you are inspired, you are inspirit. 

Sending you so much gratitude and love- Jess


The Yoga Center of Deerfield Beach is dedicated to the philosophy of Oneness. A single, common thread connects us all. We recognize and honor the unique sacredness of each individual.

We serve to cultivate harmony, balance, and peace within ourselves and our community.

We are a heart-centered, spiritual studio with a deep history and highly experienced, well-trained teachers. The Yoga Center of Deerfield Beach is more than a yoga studio - it has been an historic landmark for the entire South Florida yoga community for over 50 years. 

We offer 200-Hour, 500-Hour, Children’s Teacher Training programs, Yoga for Autism and Special Needs, and a wide variety of workshops for teachers and students.

We offer day and night classes including Hatha, Vinyasa, Gentle, Restorative, Stress Reduction, Yoga Basics, Yin, Yoga for Core Strength and Balance, Postures, Breathing, & Meditation, Children's Yoga, Wall Yoga, Yoga Fusion, & Feldenkrais.

* During these trying times, classes are offered 7 days-a-week via ZOOM, and we feature one free class each week. 

Please visit to see our on-line schedule.

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Jon Vought is the founder of Omnia Naturals. His goal is to bring CBD to first responders and their families throughout the USA. He’s an avid researcher and educator on all things Hemp. He believes if the holistic approach to mental and physical wellness applies to first responders, it can apply to everyone.


Nadine is a wife, mother, grandmother, Master Intuitive Painting and Expressive Arts Facilitator, a Certified Creatively Fit Coach.  Nadine was a Montessori pre school teacher and has facilitated camps for children for ten years.

Through the creative process she teaches students to have conversations with the canvas, allowing their inner guides to lead them, trusting that all answers are within them. She believes all the juice is in the journey. We are the artists of our life! Anything is possible! We each have a story to tell and a voice that needs to be heard, feelings that need to be expressed  and a safe place to do that.

Taking time to express with her imagination has been very healing and therapeutic for Nadine. She loves guiding people to find their inner artist. Encouraging children to express themselves through art and have fun is a joy for Nadine. She believes that creativity helps people to trust in themselves.

Nadine established Artful Dreamers Studio in 2009. After taking 1 year off when she moved across the country from Florida to Tacoma, she reopened her studio and continues to touch the lives of people through the creative process. Nadine loves what she gets to do. She offers a safe space filled with love for folks to use their imaginations. 


2926 S Steele St Tacoma, WA 98409  






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